Summer Series: Match consumer demand or lose sales in the face of COVID-19

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Discover how can redirecting your limited funds can pay off. By investing in the automation, supplementation, and support of your overwhelmed CS teams during uncertain times, you can stay close to your most valuable asset: your customers.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, in-store businesses along with consumer goods vendors have been scrambling to:
- maintain their activity,
- adapt to the developing trends,
- and re-frame their strategy to sustain the projected shift in consumer norms.

What companies are beginning to realize is that this country and the world as a whole is seeing extreme change. In politics, in the environment, in our health practices… it all boils down to one desire: people want a more simple, sustainable, human connection. They want to trust, love, share, and be heard. 

So how are businesses supposed to adapt at a moment’s notice, to all these needs while supporting customers during this transitional time? How can a home improvement business show empathy and understanding? How can they create a world just for their customers and earn their trust? Terrence Fox and Fritz Lauer discuss this in the first episode of the Conversation With... Summer Series.

Terrence Fox and Fritz Lauer discuss matching consumer demand in the face of COVID-19

Episode #2: Watch as Roy Fung, VP of Digital Commerce at getFPV speaks with Terrence Fox about how to build a competitive advantage through CX.
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