[Case Study] How do Prozis develop their activity in France with the help of ibbü experts ?

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The European company Prozis develops their activity in France with the help of ibbü experts, available to advise online shoppers 22 hours a day on their website.

Responsible for the French market, Joao Ferreira was looking for qualified human resources to answer questions on Prozis.com at all times in France. “I wanted to find people who could answer simple questions thanks to their experience: personal trainers know the products sold by Prozis and are able to find a solution quickly“, he explains. The Community Messaging solution, tested in other countries, didn’t meet his expectations as there was not enough control.

The challenge

Joao Ferreira chose the ibbü community, an on-demand pool of experts, selected by iAdvize and paid to enhance brands’ customer experience and boost their online sales. 

He delegated the entire selection process to iAdvize and only intervened to validate the profiles selected. “The ibbü service is a key strength as it’s difficult for a European company like Prozis to identify the best French experts in sports nutrition.

The solution

Since January 2017, 5 ibbü experts have been advising visitors on Prozis’ website via chat. They log in to the ibbü platform in the afternoon and in the evening. This availability coincides with the increase in Prozis.com’s website traffic and business during the day. On average, conversations with the ibbü experts last 23 minutes.

The questions asked by online shoppers require customised advice and cutting-edge expertise: their knowledge about the products and dosage, the adaptation of supplements according to workout objectives, etc. After a conversation with an ibbü expert, 97% of visitors say they are satisfied.

Most people who buy food supplements ask their friends, family or sports coaches for advice. That’s why we’ve chosen independent experts, able to share their advice at any time.

Joao Ferreira, eCommerce Manager for the French market, Prozis.com

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