Evolution of the CX Series Livestream: Where We Are Today

9min read - Terrence Fox

One year ago, as lives were altered due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an idea was born here at iAdvize. We think of ourselves as innovators, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to humanizing experiences. Even my title, Head of Innovation, speaks to the ever-evolving creations built by our team. We knew we had to stick to our roots during this trying time, and bring it back to the most important aspect of our business and our lives: conversation. Thus, the CX Series was born.

We prioritized conversation in a unique way, highlighting advice from CX professionals as a way to keep talking about ways to improve, at a time when their clients need it the most. With the help of our Marketing Director, Fritz Lauer, whose interests in the gaming industry allowed us to develop a unique format, we created an impactful livestream for CX leaders.

We knew that a webinar wouldn't be the best method for us at the time, especially based on the emphasis of one-on-one conversations here at iAdvize. We wanted to create a place where experts could share authentic expertise, but also for customers and anyone interested to learn from.

So we went down the rabbit hole and since the start of this process we’ve had 31 episodes. That’s 31 conversations with CX leaders who taught us so much about how to adapt during these difficult times. We were introduced to CX influencers, and went on a journey of discovering how they make an impact on customers everyday. We saw their passion, and loved hearing their stories.

The CX Series truly became a thought leadership channel. We’ve had our own customers, like Coravin, GetFVP, and OtterBox, come on and talk about changes and growth they’ve witnessed at their businesses. We’ve even had members of our executive team join the conversation as a way to remind us who we are and why the work we do is so crucial to CX success.

We spoke with Jennifer DiPasquale of Total Retail about the transformation retail has seen in the past year. CommerceNext co-founders Veronika Sonsev and Scott Silverman gave us insight into how leading eCommerce brands have seen success through cultivating their unique stories and values. Kristin Naragon from Akeneo told us how the rise of Product Experience (PX) is a hot topic we have to keep an eye on.

Through all this excitement, we realized that conversations around CX changes and best practices are top priority. We want to continue to have a space where these topics can be discussed, providing a resource for any and all CX professionals.

That’s why we’ve launched our new media brand: Conversation. Our experience creating the CX Series inspired us to go further and create a media brand to emphasize our unrivaled expertise in digital and conversational experiences The media serves the purpose of increasing our brand awareness, while providing invaluable resources to those in the CX space.

iAdvize’s Conversation channel has three distinct series, CX, Think, and Explore. Our legacy  CX Series has transformed with the channel and become Conversation: CX. We are continuing the conversation about digital and conversational experience with these leaders in conversational excellence. Our guests provide expertise for our professional audience to learn from. We are excited to use this new format to produce even more engaging content for CX professionals.

Another series called Conversation: Think is home to shorter form videos. These educational messages share tips and tricks about utilizing messaging, Augmented Intelligence(AI),  and other levers to create a memorable, successful CX. 

Additionally, we are working on establishing a Conversation: Explore series to gain more insights from outside experts. We believe it will be valuable to learn from brand enthusiasts who can be an integral part of CX growth.

We are thrilled to share our new media brand with you. This is an evolution from where our CX Series live stream started, and we’re most excited to keep the conversation going with brilliant CX professionals. Here’s to learning more from one another and committing to providing the best experience for customers. We’ll hope you'll join us on this journey. To find out more, visit the website, or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with episode releases and access exclusive content.

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